Debbie, 2017

Kim’s coaching was invaluable and I would recommend her happily to anyone who needed life coaching. She helped me dig myself out of the dark hole I was in. My sense of self has returned and not only do I feel ready to take on the world again but know I’ll enjoy living it much more too.. Following the sessions I felt positive, strong, able and In control. The coaching has helped me start something as opposed to procrastinate and do nothing. I now give myself downtime to recharge and focus without feeling guilty. I now set realistic time frames and schedule. She has taught me skills to stay focused and I have also learnt to take little steps and not be overwhelmed by the bigger picture. I have also just completed my foundation degree course personal statement which is the thing that’s been hanging over me for over a year. I really feel a sense of freedom now to move on with my future. Yippeee!!! 

Kim Milich