About Me

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Like most people, I have encountered many challenges in my life and understand the fears and frustrations people feel. I have also experienced many successes along the way and learnt how to ride the waves, face my fears, see obstacles as opportunities and to value myself.

For ten years I worked in the fast paced fashion industry for big global brands and experienced many highs and lows.  Trying to keep up with industry pressures eventually took its toll.  I recognised that I needed a better work/life balance which also offered me flexibility to look after my two growing boys.

So I made the necessary changes to make my dreams and aspirations become a reality. Driven by my passion to make a positive difference to people’s overall happiness and wellbeing, I trained in 2010 with The Mongan Method of Hypnobirthing to become a certified HypnoBirthing Practioner. I taught couples how to have a more comfortable birth using relaxation, visualisation and deepening techniques.

In 2016 I trained with Animas School of Coaching to become a Transformational Life Coach. I wanted to empower my clients by helping them to reach their true potential and fulfil their goals.   I am driven by seeing my client’s achievements and successes!

As well as seeing clients privately, throughout the year, I also run workshops and speak at events.

Please keep me informed of upcoming events.