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Success & Wellbeing Coach

A dream life is not about creating a fantasy or living someone else’s life or living a ‘perfect’ life. It’s about designing the life you want…
— Kristina Karlsson

Create the life you want.          

I am an accredited Success & Wellbeing Life Coach, who trained with Animas School of Coaching. I help people design the life they want so they can achieve their dream goals.

Many people I see experience a lack of direction, boredom, fear, low self-esteem and doubt which hold them back. During our time together, you will gain clarity in what you want, break through barriers and transform your life. We will explore the deeper, more meaningful reasons behind any recurring patterns and challenges enabling you to unlock your creative mind and maximise your full potential.

I will share tools and techniques to enable you to instil a positive mind-set, quiet the negative voice, take a calmer approach and have more control of your life and wellbeing.

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